Lawn Care

Grass Cutting and Edging


The main activity of the lawn calendar.

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Moss Killing and Scarification

Scarify Scarifying Scarification dethatch thatch raking moss removal lawn spring Autumn

Carried out in Spring and Autumn this treatment helps keep grass looking healthy.

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Hollow Tine Aeration

Aeration Tining Spiking Lawn Pricking Plugger Plugging slitting compaction spring autumn

Hollow Tine aeration is the pinnacle of lawn treatments.  

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Solid Tine Aeration


Solid Tine Aeration helps improve air flow  beneath the soil line. A simple treatment with incredible effects. 

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Weed and Pest Control


Lawns are living things and thus can sometimes be 'under the weather'. Here is where you can find out what is wrong and how to go about fixing it.

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Fertiliser and Planting Schedules


Disciplined programs are the most effective way of getting the most from your lawn and garden. 

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Grass Cutting and Edging


Cutting is the backbone of a fantastic Lawn

This routine task is one of the most important components of a beautiful lawn. Making sure you have the correct mower is essential when thinking about your lawn. With 8 different types of lawnmower we are able to tackle pretty much any task from a postage stamp to a field.


With a variety of strimmers we are able to keep all your edges looking clean and sharp. Generally not too important a job and yet when it is done it sets a lawn off better than you might think.

Moss Killing and Scarification


Moss Killing

Being in Scotland we are used to moss. Luckily enough it can be dealt with fairly easily and within a short space of time. Moss thrives in damp conditions and can be catastrophic to a beautiful lawn. In this instance it is prudent to adhere to the 'prevention rather than cure' rule where possible. 


The use of a mechanical or manual rake like tool with considerable downward pressure. This process is how we remove the dead moss and any unwanted organic matter to allow our grass to breathe. 

Hollow Tining


Hollow Tining

Also known as coring this mechanical treatment allows air and water to penetrate beneath the surface and also removes mass alleviating compaction. It is one of the more difficult jobs in lawn care without the right tools as it can be back breaking.

Did we mention that we have the right tools? :)

The Plugger

This little bad boy makes light work of the process and we even clear up the cores for you meaning you can enjoy golf course treatment on your lawn without any hassle at all.

Solid Tine Aeration



Similar to Hollow Tining but without the removal of cores, spiking is carried out to help air and water penetrate the lawn surface. A benefit of spiking is that it can be carried out pretty much anytime during the growing season and permits the vital exchange of air.

The Benefits

By spiking we allow Oxygen to aid root growth and we also reduce the damaging effect of Carbon Dioxide (which prevents the passage of water into the roots) by helping it to escape. 

Weed and Pest Control



A plant simply growing in the wrong place. Generally we can deal with weeds with a disciplined cutting programme. However there remains a small group of these misguided plants that are savvy to our mowers and can learn to avoid the blades. There are many options here depending on your viewpoint and The Lawn Ranger is certified to carry out all of them.


Although not nearly as bad as other parts of the world, we do occasionally have to deal with pests above and below the ground. Together we can identify what is going wrong and then plan a suitable course of corrective action.   

Fertiliser and Planting Programs


Fertiliser Programs

Fertiliser does so much more than just keep the grass green. The plant food contained within fertilisers provide much needed nutrients to help grow a close-knit turf. This in turn results in weeds and moss finding it hard to take root. Grass requires different nutrients at different times of the season and can sometimes also be bespoke to the site. By having a timed program for fertiliser we can ensure your lawn is kept in great condition all year round.